We Just Took a Snowboarding Trip

A couple of the guys and I went off to the Northern part of Hokkaido for a short vacation. We went to Niseko snowboarding and skiing, but of course we did a good deal of drinking and chasing girls in the meanwhile. It was a really long deployment and we were due for some down time. Of course we are supposed to fly back to San Diego in a few days and I am going to probably not sign back up when my hitch is up in a couple of months. It is not very likely that I am going to find a chance to come back to Japan, so I have been trying to get in a few things that I have wanted to do while I can. Of course I have been stationed here for a couple of years now and so I have had time to see the sights while we were not patrolling the South China Sea or the rest of the world.

At any rate we had a really great time, but I did get in over my head when I went down the advanced slope on a rented snowboard. I claimed that the crash was because I was not used to the board, but I had drank a little bit and I really got going too fast and then I tried to do a trick I did not really know how to do. That was the end of my snowboarding for the rest of the trip. I did not break any bones, but I came down really hard and I ended up with a bruise that was about the size of a basketball. I knew that it was going to stiffen up and so I started to try to get it to go down.