We Had a Blast in Los Cabos

When I decided to look at luxury Cabo rentals not long ago, I really was not sure that was where I wanted to go. I did not know anything about the area, nor did I know if I would find a rented house that suitable for my purposes. I am a single father raising two daughters on my own, and I realized not long ago that we had not been on a family vacation in years. Sure, we went to local attractions, but I want my girls to see the world with me, not after they are grown and on their own.

I have a nanny who helps me with them, and I talked with her first. I explained that all expenses would be paid, and she could even bring a guest if she liked since the girls and I would be doing a lot of things on our own. So, I needed at least a four bedroom house, but I was not willing to settle for just anything. I wanted a private house where we would not hear the people next door partying, but I did not want to be so far away from everything that it was a chore to even go and have a meal out with my girls.

As soon as I saw the La Terraza rental, I knew that I had found where I wanted to go. When I showed the nanny, she told me it would be a blessing to be able to go there, especially since she was able to take her sister with her. Only then did I show it to the girls, and they were both so excited, just like me. We made the reservations, and we had such a blast there. I think we are going to make this a regular vacation, it was that great!