Just Arrived in Kuala Lumpur

I have not been here very long, we flew to Australia first and then we spent a night in Sydney. I did not have any time for seeing the sights, but we got the driver to swing past the Sydney Opera house since it was not that far out of the way. We were both exhausted though and we knew we were going to be right back on a plane. This morning we arrived in Malaysia, but we had to go around looking for hotels in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. There was some sort of mix up and the room we had booked was not there for us. The hotel we went to was booked solid and it was not possible to get into the next three places that we went to either. At any rate we eventually found a hotel, but it is not really what we needed since we are going to be working out of the place.

Obviously we booked a room in a place with the stuff that we needed, mainly office machines and a meeting room. That is not available here and so we are going to have to improvise. That does not really seem to be that big of a deal to be honest. We did some searching on the web and found this place which will set us up with all of the things that we need. In fact they will rent you a receptionist to answer the phone for you as well. We have to think about that, but the price did not seem all that bad when you consider what we get for it and what we need, but they are sensitive about that sort of thing back at the main office. In essence they want to be in the loop no matter how trivial a decision is.