We Had a Blast in Los Cabos

When I decided to look at luxury Cabo rentals not long ago, I really was not sure that was where I wanted to go. I did not know anything about the area, nor did I know if I would find a rented house that suitable for my purposes. I am a single father raising two daughters on my own, and I realized not long ago that we had not been on a family vacation in years. Sure, we went to local attractions, but I want my girls to see the world with me, not after they are grown and on their own.

I have a nanny who helps me with them, and I talked with her first. Continue reading

Just Arrived in Kuala Lumpur

I have not been here very long, we flew to Australia first and then we spent a night in Sydney. I did not have any time for seeing the sights, but we got the driver to swing past the Sydney Opera house since it was not that far out of the way. We were both exhausted though and we knew we were going to be right back on a plane. This morning we arrived in Malaysia, but we had to go around looking for hotels in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. There was some sort of mix up and the room we had booked was not there for us. Continue reading

We Just Took a Snowboarding Trip

A couple of the guys and I went off to the Northern part of Hokkaido for a short vacation. We went to Niseko snowboarding and skiing, but of course we did a good deal of drinking and chasing girls in the meanwhile. It was a really long deployment and we were due for some down time. Of course we are supposed to fly back to San Diego in a few days and I am going to probably not sign back up when my hitch is up in a couple of months. It is not very likely that I am going to find a chance to come back to Japan, so I have been trying to get in a few things that I have wanted to do while I can. Continue reading