About Us

Why this Site is What it is

We fell in love with the Mojave for various reasons, none of which either of us can quantify. But this obsession with desert lands led to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of journeys into the Mojave. We explored lands we had never seen before, saw objects, man made and nature made, that we could not identify. Our curiosity was piqued, and upon return to civilization we spent many hours attempting to learn the story behind the lands wehad visited. In some cases this information was readily available; in others it appeared to have been lost forever.

Our frustration boiled over at the lack of reliable information about the past. Being unable to change what happened 50, 75, 100 years ago, we were helpless. But we knew that we could help historians and other curious parties 50, 75, 100 years in the future by chronicalling the Mojave as it is now. Imagine the delight of a future historian, who has not yet been born, of finding detailed color photographs of, say, the new Mojave bypass as it exists now, brand new, when in his or her time it is weathered, decrepit, about to collapse, and scheduled for imminent demolition for a new, improved Mojave freeway bypass.

Thus, much of what you see on this web site will be the Mojave as it exists now (2009 as of this writing). Please do not be bored by this; first of all, you can share our adventures with us as we have them; second of all, if you follow this site through time you will witness first hand the changes in the Mojave, and have the 2008 datum with which to compare these changes.

We will add pages dedicated to each adventure as we have them; we anticipate many. Please be patient, though, for we all have day jobs and can have these aventures only as our jobs allow.

One final word: you will notice that many of these adventures are referenced to the city of Bakersfield, California. The reason for this is simple: your webmasters live in Bakersfield. We first became aware of the desert from the perspective of a Bakersfield-based traveller, and to us, this is the true Mojave. Our apologies to those from Los Angeles, who compose the vast majority of people who enter the Mojave. We will do our best to provide descriptions and directions based on driving from Los Angeles; we ask, however, that you bear with us, or provide us with corrections, if these directions are incorrect.

So, happy travelling, and let’s get on with it!

Your Mojave Roads .com Team.